Reimagining the heart of power delivery.

Drawing on over seventy years’ experience in manufacturing the world’s leading alternators, Mecc Alte has questioned the very fundamentals of alternator design. From specifiers to manufacturers and end customers, our radical new approach has led to product innovations that will benefit everyone. We have reconsidered every aspect and variable to create a ground-breaking new family of alternators.

More Powerful.

C-Type alternators make the most of energy conversion to produce the maximum power to size ratio. This increased power density means that they really do punch above their weight!

All C-Type alternators have the advantage of the unique Mecc Alte MAUX (Mecc Alte Auxillary Winding System) installed as standard. This enables every one of our C-Type alternators to take an overload of >300% forced current for up to 20 seconds – perfect for motor starting requirements.

More Accessible.

C-Type is now one of the simplest alternators to assemble, integrate, configure and maintain with OEM equipment.

C-Type is easier than ever to assemble and integrate reducing your production times.

The alternator does not compromise on performance with the addition of fresh new features. Special AVR access panels using an easy flip hinge allow for simple and safe adjustment. For the ECP32 C-Type the drive end protection screen can be slid back for engine assembly rather than being removed totally.

More Configurable.

Our aim was to deliver maximum power from the smallest, lightest and strongest alternators and our designers have lavished the C-Type with much more flexibility.

The result is outstanding performance and practicality from the most easily adjustable and maintainable family of alternators on the market.

More Alternator.

A range of alternators that breaks all the rules.

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