Mecc Alte continues to lead the industry.

Italian heritage.

Established in 1947 in Vicenza, Italy, Mecc Alte have grown to become a truly global brand known for their focussed expertise, quality manufacturing processes and for being the world’s largest completely independent producer of alternators.

They are altogether unique in their industry and take immense pride in the creation and maintenance of their reputation and specialisation. Not content to stop there they have taken on the challenge to become continually innovate by going back to the drawing board with their latest range - C–Type.

Global availability.

Our alternators and product support are available anywhere in the world.

They are manufactured in Italy, the UK, China and India, with each network of factories being supported by wholly-owned subsidiaries across the globe who specialise in sales, distribution and after sales care for all Mecc Alte products in their particular locality. This ensures a universally high and professional standard of authentically global after sales support for all customers.

Our commitment
to excellence.

We aim for a universally high standard of quality across all facets of alternator design, manufacture, supply and support. This includes the meticulous selection and testing of the components and semi-processed parts used in our assembly processes.

All are tested to ensure conformity to the ISO 9001 quality specification and ISO 18001 process qualificatiton for health and safety. We exceed even the strictest of international and organisational standards.

All our factories are equipped with state of art equipment ensuring precision, dependable processes and maximum results across the board. We also have ISO 14001 which certifies our processes achieve minimal environmental impact.